We are excited to announce 2 new waste initiatives at the Tofino Visitor Center!

Marine Debris Collection:

In conjunction with Surfrider we are now able to accept the following marine debris: hard plastics, rope, netting and Styrofoam. All items will be taken to the Ocean Plastic Depot for recycling. Keep your eye out for contests and incentives this summer!

Printable Flyer: Love Your Beach Clean – Tourism Tofino

PPE Recovery:

We now accept PPE such as single use masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and shields through Greencircle ideas . The PPE waste will be used to create clean renewable energy that powers homes and businesses. The leftover ash from this process can be used as filler in asphalt and various construction items, like brick. Feel free to bring your used PPE into the Visitor Center or sign your business up here.