Accommodation, tour and activity providers have the option to update ‘current vacancies’ on our website. We encourage you to use this tool to fill last-minute (same day) gaps for accommodations or available spots for the next 7 days for tours/lessons. This feature will also be featured on our new website launching May 5th!

Due to the switchover, there will be no current vacancies posted on June 5th.

Your new login details and instructions for updating vacancies will be sent on Thursday morning, June 6th.

If you need assistance, a team member will be available to assist you in person at the Tofino Visitor Centre from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on June 6th. You can drop in or call 250-800-7380 ext. 104. To schedule a later appointment, please email

Prepare for posting your vacancies on the new site:

Edit your accommodation/tour/lesson descriptions in advance, as character limits will change from the current site:

Accommodation descriptions:
Max 500 characters per listing

Tour/lesson descriptions:
Max 50 characters per tour/lesson type

Regarding Tour, Activity and Accommodation Vacancies:

We do not require tour operators to share last-minute vacancies for us to recommend your business. More and more members are using this tool, which can be useful for guests and our Visitor Services Counsellors, or website users to find last-minute tour and activity suggestions.

Thank you for your collaboration, as we navigate this transition to an exciting new site!