Thank you to those who responded to our request for updated photos and business listings.

Once the site goes live, you will notice changes to business listings based on the experience of our web team, including:
• Business listings will now appear alphabetically to improve the user experience.
• Business description should be between 275-350 characters.

We are removing:
• Hyperlinks in the descriptions. Instead, we will track referrals to your business using a button to measure outbound traffic to your website.
• Capitalized words in the middle of the description copy, for visual congruity throughout the site.
• Individual/detailed tour and accommodation unit descriptions to keep the listing succinct. This also promotes traffic to your website for the visitor to seek more information.
• Business hours, amenities, duplicate contact info, menu items and pricing to keep your listing evergreen, which means you will have less frequent content updates.

We can share up to 8 photos per business listing.

Photos you send us:
• must be a minimum of 2000 pixels wide and,
• max size of 4MB.
• Please no business logos for visual congruity across the site.

Photos will appear in a left-hand gallery that can accommodate landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation. It’s best to send a variety of image orientations.

If your listing requires updating, we can make changes after June 5th. Please email with your updated information.