Perhaps you have read about Tofino in a magazine, newspaper or in an online blog, or have seen it featured on a travel show. More often than not, this media is produced by individuals who have been hosted by Tourism Tofino, or one of our member businesses – or the writer/crew has experienced Tofino as a larger itinerary with Destination BC – all as part of an Earned Media Strategy.

So, what exactly is Earned Media?

Earned media consists of all the content and conversation around your business that has been created by someone else, and is published somewhere other than your owned channels (like for example, your Instagram account). If you pay a publication to write a glowing article about you, that’s paid media or advertising – and quite often, the cost to do this is incredibly higher than hosting a journalist to write about or convey the experience themselves. Travel media are often viewed as an unbiased third party and their endorsements can be priceless, and depending on which travel media you work with, the benefits can last for years to come!

The Tourism Tofino Travel Media Program contributes to our strategic plan by fostering and maintaining a strong relationship with travel media from various markets to present the unique products and experiences our members have to offer. Travel Media guests can include newspaper or magazine writers, freelance writers, photojournalists, radio, television/film crews, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Collaborating with Travel Media

  • Working with travel media can not only assist in creating awareness of your business, but it can help your business earn credibility by having third parties share their trust and belief in your product.
  • It can build awareness of your business, or a new experience you are offering, while reaching new customers
  • It can help you reconnect with existing customers
  • It allows you to share your story and what makes your brand unique
  • It complements your paid marketing and extends your reach
  • It is a cost-effective addition to any marketing strategy
  • There are trackable results to measure your investment

If you would like more information on our Travel Media Program, or would like to learn how to work with us when we’re hosting media, please get in touch!