The below graph shows the average monthly occupancy for major resorts/hotels in Tofino. It clearly shows the impact from the 17-day closure of Highway 4 in June.

June 2023 Occupancy

The blue line shows occupancy as a percentage for this year-to-date, while the green line shows occupancy last year in 2022 and the red line shows occupancy in the last full pre-pandemic year of 2019.

The data is collected privately by a third-party firm (STR Inc.) directly from ten hotels/resorts in Tofino and is given to Tourism Tofino as the aggregated data shown above. Not every hotel in Tofino contributes to STR, but its a big enough sample size for us to confidently track and use this data. If you are a hotel operator and are interested in contributing to this data, please reach out to Tourism Tofino and we can connect you.