Our Winter paid leisure travel advertising is running November 1 – end February.

Like our Fall 2021 advertising, ads are targeted to those visitors from BC and Alberta who have shown, through their online activity, an interest in travelling to or within BC, are inspired by nature-based and cultural experiences and are seeking deeper connection and meaning through their travels.

A variety of ad types are currently running, including:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads including video posts
  • Digital display ads
  • TripAdvisor, as a sponsored destination page
  • Adwords

In the examples shown below, you’ll see two distinctions:

1-  a return to highlighting how winter is different in Tofino, versus a focus only on storm watching season.   Here, you can walk a rainforest trail, enjoy a sunny beach day, and/or storm watch.  This broadens the possibilities of winter travel to Tofino from the sole focus of seeking out storms.

2 – rather than a “hard sell” call to action that asks people to book now, the ads ask viewers to “Breathe in nature’s energy” or “Embrace a different winter” as subtle suggestions that they seize the opportunity to travel here.

On Facebook and Instagram, we’re running:


These digital banners are “fed” to people searching travel terms/topics online, demonstrating an affinity with the type of connection-seeking, conscientious visitor that suits Tofino:

OnTripAdvisor, we have a “hero” image of a windswept beach, plus an ad calling out to “explorers of the spirit”.

The hero image on the Tofino destination page:


and here is the ad:


Finally, this visually-arresting video about winter in Tofino is also playing on Facebook:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this 2021-22 winter advertising.