We are finding that many guests are unaware of the Kennedy Hill Road closures, even after they have arrived in Tofino! It’s a reminder of the importance for all visitor-facing businesses, from tour operators to restaurants, to inform guests of the road closure.

We have created a poster to display prominently in your place of business, at front desks, in rooms and suites and even on washroom stall doors in restaurants.

We also suggest that all businesses:

  • encourage your teams to provide road closure information at all points of your booking/reservation process.
  • prominently include a link to the road closure information in your confirmation emails.
  • post a bulletin/banner on your website explaining the road closures.
  • ask all guests if they are aware of the road closures, you will find that those that are unaware are incredibly grateful.

You can find the most current schedules and answers to commonly asked questions here.