Hello Members,

As you may have seen on Instagram this morning, we launched a new Instagram giveaway with some member businesses, speaking to our values as a community and as a destination.
The #heartoftofino giveaway focuses stewardship and respect, from Tofitians and visitors, for all this region has to offer, in nature and in culture.  It speaks to mindfully motivating potential Spring visitors who share the values we hold dear in and around Tofino.

We urge you to start adding #heartoftofino, in addition to #yourtofino, to your social media posts, especially when you’re sharing about your connection to Tofino, what is dear to your heart about this place, the stewardship you undertake (this could be a beach clean, consuming/eating consciously or using sustainable suppliers for your business) and anything else you see fitting with the hashtag.

Please feel free to email me any questions about this.