Given the business interruption caused by the closure of Highway 4 at Cameron Bluffs, we thought an updated occupancy poll would be useful for seeing how the summer season visitation has been affected.

A recent unofficial straw poll of resorts and vacation rental companies, with a total of 363 available rental units, (note this is a smaller number of rooms /units than our usual surveys) indicates these upcoming estimated occupancy rates. We’ve added, for your information, actual 2019 occupancy rates, and actual occupancies from 2022.


July ‘23 August ‘23
Total units for rent (#) 363 363
Current occupancy (%) 85.9 86.6
Projected occupancy (%) 90.9 95.3
Actual 2022 occupancy 90.5 94.1
Actual 2019 occupancy 94.2 98.7