B.C. has launched a new three-year roadmap for rebuilding and revitalizing tourism by creating jobs and opportunities for people and communities in every part of the province.

The renewed Strategic Framework for Tourism responds to the call to action from the sector to support its recovery from COVID-19. It outlines a roadmap for a more resilient and sustainable tourism sector by rebuilding to 2019 levels by 2024 including investments to support:

  • event-bid preparation and sponsorships to attract arts, culture and sports events
  • restart business travel, events, conferences and exhibitions
  • develop tourism and hospitality skills training where programs will prioritize students who are Indigenous, immigrant, refugee applicants, rural and remote and those with accessibility needs
  • DBC’s re-launch of international marketing

For the full announcement: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2022TACS0009-000325