We’re all well aware that there is an extreme shortage of seasonal staff this year and our restaurants are particularly challenged.  This impedes them from operating to an already reduced capacity – a real concern, given that everyone needs a strong summer season.

Visitors are also frustrated with long waits, and even though the lack of staffing is a serious issue throughout the country and is being increasingly covered in the media, some visitors may not be as patient and understanding as we’d like them to be.  If we all pitch in to educate them, and adjust their expectations, we can reduce the frustration that both businesses and visitors are feeling.   Here are a few tips that we encourage you to share with your staff:

    • When checking guests in explain that restaurants still have smaller capacities due to COVID restrictions, and like restaurants everywhere, are also experiencing staff shortages resulting in longer waits and/or shorter hours of operation
    • Encourage visitors to make reservations when possible
    • Explain that many restaurants have tables available for walk ins but walk-ins can expect longer than usual waits. Recommend that they arrive early and plan for stroll around town while they wait.
    • Let visitors know that they can call ahead to place take-out orders at several restaurants
    • Suggest that they seek out some of the newer and less visible establishments – for instance, the group of container restaurants at the end of Campbell Street
    • Place a note on booking confirmations and other visitor communication encouraging guests to make reservations ahead of their visit
    • Refer visitors to  https://tourismtofino.com/food-drink/  to access a full list of restaurants, their hours and dining options.
    • Place a notice in guest rooms with these suggestions

Thanks for your help everyone!