A key indicator of tourism health is a destination’s occupancy rate.  Although not all accommodation types such as camping, B&B’s, inns, hostels and some short-term vacation rentals have third-party systems in place to measure it, we do receive resort occupancy data.  This is available through STR Ltd, an international company that specializes in data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for the global hospitality industry.   STR Ltd has been working with Tofino resorts and Tourism Tofino for many years and the data helps the resorts and Tourism Tofino understand their competitive environment and create strategies to address objectives.

We have recently learned that the provider of occupancy data for Airbnb operators uses a different process than is used by STR Ltd and so we have stopped reporting on Airbnb occupancy until the data can be validated.  Below is a chart showing Tofino’s year-to-date resort occupancy.

Visitation for fall is shaping up and Tourism Tofino has been supporting this with advertising.  Click here to view our fall social media ads.   The production of the winter ads is currently underway with a campaign scheduled to begin October 19 and ending mid-February.