As a valued member of the Tourism Industry on the west coast of Vancouver Island, we would like to offer you the attached handout, “How to be CoastSmart”, to share with your guests, customers and other travellers.  This handout can help visitors recognize coastal hazards and plan for a safe and memorable time on the coast.  2020 CoastSmart flyer

This handout can be used:

  • As an attachment to reservation confirmation emails
  • As part of in-room information binders
  • At checkout desks and sales desks
  • In restaurants and gift stores (posted on bulletin boards)
  • Added to your website
  • Any other way your organization would like to help spread the word about ocean safety

Unfamiliar with CoastSmart?

CoastSmart is about strengthening coastal safety culture.  The districts of Ucluelet and Tofino along with Parks Canada are working together to promote CoastSmart. Visitors can benefit from encountering a common respect for the ocean that is reinforced by businesses and organizations across the region.  This culture is rooted in enjoying the coast in the safest way possible. But it cannot be established by a single effort; it takes a community to foster its continued growth. This handout and the other tools developed for the CoastSmart initiative are meant to capture local knowledge about coastal safety, empowering others to make informed decisions.

Why is it important?

This area of Vancouver Island is well-recognized as a premier destination for coastal tourism activities.  Visitors from around the world come here to experience a range of coastal activities, from surfing, to beach-walking, storm-watching and stand-up paddle-boarding.

The districts of Ucluelet, Tofino, and Parks Canada are actively developing trails that provide visitors and residents with increased access to exposed shorelines and local businesses are successfully promoting a wide range of water activities.  Unfortunately, many visitors are inexperienced with the dynamic nature of the coast. Rip currents and large waves can take visitors by surprise.  It is critical that people are educated about the hazards and how to make safe choices.

We hope that you will share this handout with the visitors you encounter and be part of the coastal safety culture!

If you have questions or would like to be more involved in CoastSmart, please email For additional information and resources visit